General Terms AdvoKuyt B.V.


  1. AdvoKuyt B.V. is a private limited liability company established under Dutch law for the purpose of carrying on a law practice. 
  2. In these General Terms and Conditions ‘’AdvoKuyt’ ’means AdvoKuyt B.V. 
  3. These General Terms and Conditions are applicable to any instructions including any subsequent, amended or additional instructions given to AdvoKuyt. 
  4. These General Terms and Conditions are applicable to any legal relationship that arises as a result of or in connection with the use of any website maintained by AdvoKuyt. 
  5. These General Terms and Conditions are applicable to any legal relationship that is created when advice arising as a result of or in connection with any legal relationship described in the articles 3 and 4 is relied upon, whether pursuant to these General Terms and Conditions or not. 
  6. These General Terms and Conditions apply to benefit the lawyers and others working for AdvoKuyt (and their personal companies) and any third party who, whether or not in the service of AdvoKuyt, is involved in the implementation of any instructions or who is or may be liable in connection therewith. 
  7. Instructions are accepted by and on behalf of AdvoKuyt, even where the expressed or implied intention is for such instructions to be implemented by a specific person. By way of derogation from articles 7:404, 7:407, paragraph 2, and 7:409 of the Dutch Civil Code, even where instructions are given with a view to them being provided by a specific person, no other individual who takes instructions for or on behalf of AdvoKuyt, whether employed by AdvoKuyt or not, is personally obligated or liable to implement such instructions. 
  8. Instructions are implemented exclusively for the benefit of the client giving the instructions. Unless AdvoKuyt expressly consents in writing, no one other than the client may rely on or has any rights in connection with the result of such instructions or the manner of implementation thereof. 
  9. AdvoKuyt will exercise due care when hiring a third party and will consult with a client about the selection of a third party if it is customary and reasonable in the context of the client relationship to do so. AdvoKuyt is authorized to agree to terms and conditions that are applicable to the relationship between it and a third party or that are stated by a third party. In the relationship with the client AdvoKuyt can rely on such terms and conditions in as much as it concerns the implementation of the instructions by such third party. 
  10. Unless agreed otherwise in writing, fees will be based on time worked multiplied by the applicable rates as set from time to time by AdvoKuyt. The applicable rates are available upon request at any time. Disbursements incurred on a client's behalf will be charged separately. All amounts to be mentioned exclude value added tax. 
  11. As a rule, a client will be invoiced on a monthly basis for the work carried out. Payment is due within a period of 14 days starting on the date of the invoice. If payment is not made within this time, AdvoKuyt may, without further notice, exercise its right to charge and receive statutory interest and 10% collection fees. An advance payment may be requested at any time for work that has been or will be carried out. AdvoKuyt has the right to suspend work if an advance payment is not provided. 
  12. Any liability arising out of or in connection with any instructions is limited to the amount that is paid out for that event under the liability insurance coverage taken out by AdvoKuyt, plus the amount of the deductible (eigen risico) applicable to this insurance coverage. If, for any reason whatsoever, no benefits are payable under this insurance, liability is limited to two times the amount paid in the relevant calendar year for the instructions given, subject to a maximum of EUR 50,000. Limitation or exclusion of liability within the meaning of this Article does not apply to loss or damage resulting from deliberate recklessness or intentional misconduct on the part of Advokuyt. 
  13. Claims for compensation expire if proceedings are not commenced in the competent court within one year of discovery thereof. 
  14. Any legal relationship that arises out of or in connection with a relationship within the meaning of articles 3, 4 and 5 is subject to Dutch law. Any dispute arising out of such legal relationship must be submitted to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent court in The Hague. 
  15. These General Terms and Conditions are available in Dutch and English. In the event of a dispute about the contents or intention of these General Terms and Conditions, only the Dutch version and its interpretation under Dutch law are binding. 

Advokuyt biedt u  een specialist in arbeidsrecht, medezeggenschapsrecht of pensioenrecht met de kwaliteit van een topkantoor voor een fair tarief. Wij werken niet met stagiairs of medewerkers, maar helpen u zelf direct met de beste service. Uw belang staat bij ons altijd voorop.

Door onze goede bereikbaarheid en grote mate van vakinhoudelijke kennis zijn we uw ideale sparringpartner op niveau.

Maya Kuyt-Fokkens en Erik Houben geven u snel, praktisch, duidelijk en goed advies.

AdvoKuyt is een besloten vennootschap en de advocaten van AdvoKuyt zijn ingeschreven bij de Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten (De adresgegevens van de NOvA: Neuhuyskade 94, 2596 XM Den Haag, 070 3353535,

AdvoKuyt is vanzelfsprekend verzekerd voor beroepsaansprakelijkheid (bij HDI-Gerling Verzekeringen N.V.) tot een maximum van € 2.000.000. 

AdvoKuyt heeft een klachtenregeling die van toepassing is op iedere opdracht. De klachtenregeling staat in het kwaliteitshandboek van AdvoKuyt (te downloaden onderaan de pagina).